Cybex Server Control


Switchview Family – Connect and control 2, 4 or 8 PCs or file servers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse using this powerful, economical and efficient desktop switch.


Longview/Longview Companion – The LongView family of KVM Extenders allows you to extend a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, microphone and COM serial port up to 500 feet from your computer or KVM switch with one Category 5 UTP cable.


Autoview Commander – Control and operate all of your servers from one location with a single set of peripherals. Experience AutoView’s built-in on-screen display for fast and intuitive server naming and selection.


Autoview 200/400 – The AutoView 200 and 400 feature true 2×8 matrix switching, giving you the benefit of two simultaneous users and built-in remote access capability – up to 500 feet away! The AutoView 400 adds support for Sun and USB computers.

XP4000 (KVM Switching) – KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse) Switching technology allows you to access and control multiple servers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse, even if the network is down! The XP4000 Series, our most advanced switching suite, allow multiple user to simultaneously access hundreds or even thousands of multi-platform servers from their offices, labs or data centers. Combined with our powerful Key-View technology, real-time remote access to every server is possible from anywhere in the world – even if the server has crashed!


Key-View II - Take control of critical servers remotely with this proven, second-generation solution. Get reliable, real-time remote access that operates completely independent of your PC’s hardware, operating system or applications.

DS1800 – The digital ‘KVM over IP’. It is the most advanced scalable switching solution available today and the only system that leverages the Internet to provide access to any server, anywhere, anytime.

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